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you’ll be working in groups
—satan (via tocherette)
I love the way you draw bodies, both female and male. Think you could do a step-by-step of your process? They look so nice!



Sure Ill try my best! First I start off with a circle for the head, and some lines to decide where the direction of the face, and body is going to be turned. I like to draw girls a lot in that popped him and chest out position a lot…but for the body i use a curved line like the face, to show how the body will curve. Next I make a box for the chest, if she is facing a certain direction the box will has a sort of perspective on it, and be tilting in the direction her chest will face. I also draw a triangle for what I call the “underwear line” to show where the hips and direction of her pelvis. You can see some faint circles at the corners, thats where her hips will be, also circles at the top is for shoulders. Think circles and curves.

Next, when I draw the arms, I make sure the elbows are on the same plane, you don’t want them to be too far off or her arms will look wonky. Then I go ahead and fill in the curves and the jet of her hips. For the legs, try to think of full cylinders. For the guys its sort of the same but instead think of boxes.

I hope this helps somewhat;;;;;; Im terrible at explaining.

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lol parents   [x]


By: Rick Berry

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wow i really like this song i think i’m gonna listen to it 1 maybe 60 more times


Pupils as the shape of eyebrows, mouth are vectors of emotions. This can be very convenient to bring a bit of subtlety and increase non-verbal emotions of your characters.

The pupil has three states: idle, dilated (Mydriasis) or contracted (Myosis). It spends its time…

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old testament god


new testament god